Bugs Classes

one-on-one, noob-to-pro private online tuitions by bugswriter

❝ training is nothing, will is everything ❞
~ struggling with learning? I can understand.

Hi, I'm bugswriter. Youtuber, Software Engineer and Teacher.
In the past 4-5 years, I have learned ❝How a computer works?❞ & many technologies. I don't enjoy working in corperate, so I decided to make living by just teaching. I teach in simple terms without jargon. I'm good at this. Take a look at my resume.
I can teach you about -

$ 20 / hour
~ 1 hour session every alternate day

❝ I'll only teach, if you have real interest in technology.
I'm not going to help you with your CV for a 6 fig. salary. ❞

write me an email - tutor@bugswriter.com
(don't forget to mention your most active contact)

How does this work?

First, I'll understand your current skill level, your potential, what's your IQ. Having a good IQ helps speed things up, but as a low IQ person, I can tell. IQ doesn't matter, Interest & Will do. Tech isn't everyone's cup of tea, but everyone wants to learn it. (for money ofc)

Teaching someone within 1 or 2 hours sessions is hard, so What I do is. I create a youtube playlist for easy topics.

I divide learning in two parts.

I use a different approach for both of these things.

What I'll do?

~ frustration isn't the solution


You might think online classes suck because many people use poor tech, shitty mic, horrible internet, and bad webcam.

Why I can't just learn by myself?

Yes, you can go to youtube/internet and learn by yourself. Most programmers are self-taught. But most of them suck too. Because they learn with the wrong mindset. Here are some issues, which I faced as a self-taught -

You can avoid all these, by letting me help you.
I have experience, with the path, you are willing to follow.